Julie with Weaver, Kellie and Emmett

Pictured with their ribbons from the
ASSA National Specialty


I believe that Shelties make much better pets if they have a job to do.
They are so smart that left on their own they can think of all sorts of
mischief to get into.  All of my dogs have basic obedience training and
we love to compete in agility.  We also dabble in herding but it is
difficult to get to classes as they are located 2-3 hours away.  When
you live with a Sheltie you are responsible for exercising their mind
as well as their body.


It's ewe and me at high noon!

Calvin takes charge and sets the rules of engagement.


Calvin on his first try at herding

He took to it right away and had a blast!




Kellie has done a wonderful job in agility but sometimes
her vanity gets in the way.  She once took time out in a
chute for some personal grooming.  She had a clean run
but we were over time!



Emmett herding

My introduction to herding was with Emmett at a herding
seminar.  He did very well until he took his eye off one of
sheep and was flipped when it rammed him!  He didn't make
that mistake again.




Emmett was my first agility dog and he caught on
much faster than I did.  He earned his novice and
open titles by qualifying every time he ran.  I'm sure
that he read the course maps before each run  because
I wasn't sure I knew what I was doing!



Weaver Weaves

Weaver is very serious about his weave poles!  He was
aptly named before we thought about running him in
agility but he still wants to live up to his name.



Weaver herding




Weaver on the A-Frame




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